TCE 2020 Questions

The Composite Engineer questions from 2020

What do you supply that other recruitment agencies can't?

We know in the composite industry a special skill set is required throughout every step of a build. Education and experience are two different things and we bring both to the table.

We work closely with the client to determine exactly what candidate they need. Then shortlist a set of personally selected and background checked CV's. Allowing us provide exactly what is needed in a timely manner to suit almost all manufacturing deadlines.

In our office we have a diverse team of composite specialised engineers just a phone call or email away. Engineers with background experience in Renewable energy, Formula 1, Aerospace, Motorsport, Marine, Defence sector and Prosthetics and many more.

If it’s made of composite material our engineers likely have hands on experience in development or manufacturing,

Which job titles do you generally recruit for and hold CVs for?

Composite pre-preg Laminators
GRP finishers
CATIA V engineers
Wet Lay Laminators
Infusion Laminators
Composite Fitters
AutoCAD Design engineers
Project Managers
Composite Stress Testers
Composite Trimmers
Autoclave Operators
Composite Inspectors
Composite Boat Builders
Project Planners
Automotive design engineers
Aerospace engineers
Mould Preppers
Composite Finishers
CNC operators
Composite Fillers and fairers
3D printing Engineers/Operators
NDT operators and many more!

Which successful projects have you worked on in the past?

With over 30 years’ experience between us all at the Composite Engineer we have personally worked for clients for Americas Cup boats, Motorsport companies for NASCAR, Formula 1 teams, MOD Projects both for Marine and Aerospace. Composite limb manufacturing in prosthetics, Industrial submarines to search the seabed for oil, super yachts to fishing boats and many types of renewable energy projects.

Do you supply working Visas for countries outside of the EU?

As a recruitment agency it is not down to us to supply working Visas to contractors.

If you are outside the EU, UK or USA and you would like to work inside these countries, you will either need a sponsor from the Client (This only really happens for permanent positions) Or apply and pay for your own working VISA, to be considered for roles inside the EU, UK or USA. To be considered for any role through us you must again as stated before provide the right the work and live in the UK, EU or USA




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