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Composite engineering recruitment

Hire the best and Enhance Productivity

We can help you place vetted contractors and/or permanent staff in all composite engineering sectors, as experts in the field of composite engineering we can give your company the competitive advantage needed. We have a global and every-growing database of qualified individuals to help you achieve profitable growth.

Providing Opportunities

We take pride in helping candidates fulfil their ambitions from the post graduates at the universities we work with to PHD composite candidates.

Our priority is to assist businesses in finding the best workforce available with the whole TCE team having extensive experience in Engineering and composites, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve in your projects, be it researching a cutting-edge bio-composite or building superyachts.

With an ever-growing database, currently at over 19k candidates all with a skilled, experienced and a composite bias, we have been able to supply highly specialised candidates all around the globe.

We consistently supply teams of blue- and white-collar labour across Europe and USA for the manufacturing sector and regularly provide functioning teams/groups for the larger builds. After our discussion, as experts ourselves, we will identify your specific needs and assign the ideal workforce to complete your tasks and provide innovative solutions.

Our Core Values

•Composites are the foundation for all we do
•Maintain perspective and do one thing really, really well.
•Cost-consciousness. Best fit talent stress free
•Deliver service that results in repeat customers
•Be humble


Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Motorsport / F1, renewable energy, defence, medical, prosthetics, FRP piping, Dental and many more.

Add talent of the highest calibre to your team and gain from their knowledge, expertise, and inspiration.

Map out your recruitment strategy with one of our expert composite engineers. Let’s find the best solution for your company together. Contact us and help us assemble the right team with the most relevant skills for your specific project.

We work closely with your project managers or in-house HR after placement of permanent staff and can have the labour conversations with the production managers. Our clients and placements have been vocally happy being able to discuss in details the needs on a project and identify problems on sites.


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